Central Strategic  Teambuilders
  • What We Do?

    We do want you to function better and learn better in group. We transform your mindset; belief and culture to attain new desirable results. We show and guide you how to improve your team communication, stimulating creativity, solving problems as a team, resolving internal conflict, and obtaining consensus.

    We introduce the team building principle, including your team player style, Tuckman and Jensen’s stages of team development, DeBono’s six Thinking Hats, and Gleen Parker’s twelve team characteristic. You receive tools that help you to grow such as SWOT analysis and team action plan. This unique combination of theory, tools and practice, plus lots of team building exercise will change your team into a high performance team.

    If you want to develop your team leadership skills and unleash the talent of your individual team members and become a High Performance Team, contact us for help right now.

  • Why Us?


    Central Strategic Team Builders (CSTB) offers the high quality team building training programs. The courseware is developed based on real-world and current practices of organizations across all over the businesses and industries. It has gone through continuous evaluation and improvement from time to time and benefited organization from small to large in sizes.

    We engage experienced, qualified and certified trainers who are industry professionals with excellence track records. They have proven teaching skills deliver the training modules. At the end of the program you will get a new transformed team, ready to carry out any tasks and competent to achieve your desirable results.

  • What Are Your Benefits?

    • Identify different type of teams
    • Build teamwork by recognizing and tapping into the twelve characteristics of an effective team.
    • Promote trust and rapport by exploring tour team player style and how it impacts on group dynamic.
    • Recognize the key elements that move a team from involvement to empowerment and how to give these elements to your team.
    • Develop strategies for dealing with team conflict and common situations.
    • Understand how action planning and analysis tools can help your team perform better.