International Participants

Why Malaysia?

Take advantage on Malaysian “Educational Tourism” campaign. One of the main reasons, international organizations and cooperation come to Malaysia for the teambuilding program because of its relatively low cost but high quality program.

Build an extra ordinary team for your organization. At the same time, enjoy the warm & sunshine, the oldest rainforest, pristine islands & beaches, low temperature of the highland resorts, and multi cultural & colorful festivals society. As a people, Malaysians are very laid back, warm and friendly.
Take the opportunity to treat and reward your staffs with tropical experiential learning experience. Improve team members bonding and cooperating towards becoming a high performance team. Do it effectively while you are on holidays.

Our teambuilding activities are tailored to your objectives as well as the exclusivity of the locations. In-order to meet your needs, we offer four categories of locations;

Explore, discover, learn and having fun in Malaysia, one of the world most beautiful countries in the world.

How can we help?

Let us plan and take care of all the logistics of your group travel. Our services including arranging pick-up at the airport in Malaysia, providing land transfer, training venue & accommodation, local transport, meals and etc. We want you to work less on your trip planning and hassle free while you on board.

All trainers and support team speak good English.